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Northern Quebec

A bioregional star! The Northern Quebec variety is a very cold-hardy garlic that produces huge cloves. Each bulb has 3 to 4 cloves per bulb. It is known to be an extremely hot variety, and is in the same family as the popular ‘Music’ garlic.

Persian Star

This is our first year growing this crop. It is a variety that has huge bulbs with 12 large cloves or more. Its mild, creamy flavour makes this one of the best garlic varieties for roasting.

Purple Korean Rocambole

This is our favourite garlic variety! Rocamboles are known to be some of the best culinary garlics, partly because they are incredibly easy to peel. Each large, purple-striped bulb produces between 6 and 8 good-sized cloves. The flavour is medium-hot.

Kostyn’s Red Russian

This variety is a cousin to the standard Red Russian Garlic, which is common in Eastern Canada. Bulbs averages 5 to 7 cloves each, and produce a smooth-tasting, medium-strength garlic. This variety matures later in the season, helping to spread out our harvest.


Perennial Onions

L’Oignon Patate14938224_1160125020689778_1679611066825417273_n

Potato onions are similar to shallots. They are fall-planted and are harvestable early in the season. These will be available as bulbs for you own planting, or at market if you wish to try them out. Potato onions are a favourite of homesteaders, as they are known to produce more than every crop in the garden, with the exception of tomatoes.