Horticulture Workshops

Introduction to Gardening Workshop – March 2015

Introduction to Gardening Workshop – March 2015

Presenter – Christopher Kelly-Bisson

Christopher is a Ph.D. candidate in political science in the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa. His concentrations are in Canadian Politics and Political Theory, and research is focused on the field of political agroecology in Canada. His research examine’s the extent of land grabbing in the Eastern Ontario between 1994 and 2014, and the political economic causes of its occurrence. He is also the co-owner of Green’s Creek Farm, which is a certified organic start-up farm located in Blackburn Hamlet, Ottawa, Ontario producing bioregionally-appropriate heirloom seeds and herbs.

Christopher received his permaculture design certification (PDC) in 2011 from the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario (PIEO). He has worked since then as a permaculture design consultant. He has also been farming and working as a horticultural consultant since 2012. His skills are best suited in training, consultation, and project management surrounding agroecology projects in urban environments.

Past Workshops

Drip Irrigation Systems for Small-Scale Market Gardens

April 12, 2017 – Just Food Test Crop Program

This workshop covered the basics on drip irrigation principles, design, installation, and monitoring. It was specifically oriented to new market garden test-croppers at the Just Food Farm.

Presentation Slides

Crop Planning for Small-Scale Organic Market Gardening

January 24, 2017 – Just Food Test Crop Program

This workshop covered the process of crop planning for market gardeners looking to sell produce at farmers markets and through community supported agriculture (CSA) boxes.

Presentation Slides

Template Workbook

Formula Cheat Sheet

Introduction to Permaculture WorkshopDownload Notes

April 2nd, 2015 6-9pm, GSA Lounge – Carleton University
Permaculture is a design process used to create human habitats that function in harmony with local ecosystems. For gardeners permaculture is used to grow food in ways that mimic forest ecosystems. This workshop will introduce you to the design process and show you some of the design principles and strategies used to produce food in ways that are sustainable, resilient to environmental change, and restorative to ecological degradation. We will be focusing on solutions that can be used by urban gardeners growing in backyards, community gardens, and balconies.

Introduction to Gardening WorkshopDOWNLOAD NOTES

March 19, 2015 6-9pm, GSA Lounge – Carleton University
Gardening can be a simple, enjoyable, and bountiful practice. It is possible to grow anywhere: from small urban balconies to 100 acre farms. This introduction workshop will prepare you with the concepts and strategies you need as a first time gardener to start growing your own food or landscape plants this summer. There will be a little bit of basic horticulture theory, followed by strategies for you to grow your first garden in a backyard, community garden, or balcony. Everyone will have a chance to try planting a sunflower for you to take home.

Intermediate Gardening WorkshopDOWNLOAD NOTES

March 24th, 2015 6-9pm, GSA Lounge – Carleton University
You have been growing for a season or two. You are comfortable growing a few basic crops in a small space that you have either bought as transplants or directly seeded. Now you are interested in learning about how to start your own seedlings under lights, make your own compost, use mulch, and save your own seeds. You are also running into problems with pests, diseases, soil deficiencies, and weed pressure. This workshop will build upon basic garden skills to fine tune your ability to grow great food in your garden. It is also a great opportunity to ask specific questions on knowledge and skills you feel you lack and would like to learn more in the area of horticulture.

Workshop Resources:

Plant Minerals Table

How to Test Your Soil Article

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